Babies 0-1

This is a very precious stage for families as well as for the child.

Babies learn through play – Exploring and observing the world around them

We provide a safe space for your child to build confidence whilst feeling loved and cared for. Families can be assured that they are in a warm, secure environment whilst experimenting with new sights, sounds and senses.

We know that each baby learns and grows differently.

Circle Early Learning have amazing educators that are constantly reflecting on your baby’s progress and will be there to help your child grow and develop

Educators embed the practices and principles of the EYLF into their daily practice and naturally the EYLF outcomes follow.

What makes Circle early learning different?

In addition to a strong learning framework for babies, we offer the following:

  • New, clean, purpose-built centre
  • Indoor and outdoor playscapes and learning environments
  • High quality, highly trained staff
  • Inclusion of nappies, wipes, sunscreen, sunhat, linen
  • Natural elements – we shy away from plastic

Individual Portfolios

We provide each child with an individualised portfolio documenting their personal learning journey with us.

This Portfolio is accessible at all times and will also be available electronically.

Further questions?

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