Our learning program

Our approach to learning was carefully crafted and is continually improved, with years of experience and expert knowledge — because we want the best for your child.

Our learning program is built on our beliefs that:

  • All children bring their perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning experience
  • Activities should be child focused and initiated, inspired by their natural curiosity and imagination
  • The development and growth of each child should be nourished and nurtured
  • Programs are based on observing children on a regular basis, evaluating their needs and interests and planning future activities from these observations

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

Our unique curriculum is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

The EYLF framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning and was designed to enhance children’s learning from birth to 5 years of age.

EYLF helps guide children towards achieving the following learning outcomes:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

With this approach, we firmly believe in the opportunity to ‘play’ whilst learning provides the best basis for children to learn, be active and grow in a fun yet educational environment.

Individualised support

We offer an extensive range of resources to support the continued growth and holistic development of each child.

Daily activities are intended to extend, challenge and stimulate curiosity.

Natural Pedagogy

We have a passion for the outdoors and the benifits it provides to early childhood learning.

Learning in the outdoors is crucial for child development, no, let me rephrase, learning in the outdoors in crucial for childhood.

Outdoor Learning is an engaging, effective and enjoyable form of learning, whether the emphasis is personal, social or environmental, or is about learning itself. 

The Institute of Outdoor Learning

We base our service on the benefits of outdoor learning. Whilst playing in our yard children are digging in the garden for worms, building cubby’s out of sticks, and feeding the chickens. We light fires in the cooler months and play with water and mud in the summer.

While enjoying all these opportunities for play our children are learning about social interaction, they are learning about leadership and how to work together to solve problems. They are learning maths and science, volume and space, they are learning about the environment and respect for all living things and most importantly they are learning about their own capabilities, they are learning to have belief in themselves and what they can achieve.

Educators plan a diverse range of opportunities for both structured and spontaneous play — focused on the physical, emotional, social, sensory and cognitive developmental areas of each child.

Our programming emphasises the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land, which is supported by our enchanting and interactive centre surroundings.

Parent partnership

Our daily routines and programs are displayed in each room for your viewing.

We invite parents and guardians to discuss the activities, experiences and subsequent developmental outcomes.

We also welcome feedback and communication from parents and families.

You are welcome to visit our facilities at any time to observe or share in the experiences with your child.

Sharing your child’s journey

Documenting your child’s learning journey is an essential part of our curriculum.

Our educators make children’s developmental progress visible while also providing a communication platform for families.

The children’s portfolios are compiled by the educators using a collection of work samples, observation records, group project annotations, photos and videos.

Children thrive when families and educators work together to support young children’s learning.

Role of educators

Our educators are here to provide your child with security, warmth and to facilitate their overall wellbeing.

We recognise and value the partnership required between parents and educators in providing continuity of care and supporting the development for each child between home and Circle Early Learning.

Educators appreciate parents who feel comfortable in sharing special moments as well as raising any areas of concern regarding their child. If ever necessary, we may request an appointment with a parent to discuss any issues pertaining to their child. Similarly you are invited to request an interview with educators for the same purpose at any time.

Our Educators either possess or are progressing towards completing a University Degree, Diploma or Certificate in Early Childhood as per legislative requirements.

In addition, we ensure:

  • All educators are checked regarding their qualifications and suitability to work with young children
  • All educators undertake professional development training every year.

We strive for a high level of professionalism and a commitment to providing genuine support and personal empowerment, individually and as a team.

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